Friday, February 28, 2020


BARRIERE - Despite tough times in the forest industry, local family-owned mill Woodco is making an investment in the future, and is adding four new jobs to their roster of 25 people.

“We replaced our micro-mill equipment with a new Brewco double scragg and resaw line, which means increased production and improved lumber quality,” said Woodco owner John Drew. “Increased production means adding employees, and in a small community like Barriere, those four new jobs are important.”

The new equipment allows Woodco to efficiently turn shorter, round logs into square ‘cants’ which can then be further processed into lumber and other value-added products.

“As the industry evolves, the focus is on ensuring we’re getting full value from every log that comes into our mill,” Drew explained.

In addition to the investment in the milling equipment, Drew’s company also added a new building with an overhead crane system to improve timber and lumber handling, and to improve the work environment for employees.

Woodco produces rough-cut timber and lumber products for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. “We’ve managed to survive and thrive here because we are focused on our customers’ needs, and offer mill-direct pricing,” he said.

Woodco is a family-owned Barriere business with deep roots in the BC forest industry. They harvest or purchase 60,000 m3 of logs per year, and from that, produce 9-million board feet of lumber. They additionally produce industrial mats, and pulp chips and hog-fuel products are created from residual waste from the milling process.